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Packed house for International Trade Club meeting

Event Date: 11 July 2019

The first speaker was Helen Cowley, Tax Partner for the club’s sponsor Baldwins. Helen told the audience about the role of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in relation to global tax.  She explained where business profits are normally taxed and the impact that the new tax landscape can have on international trade.  Helen said, “the OECD Model Tax Convention provides a framework for best practice and guidance in the negotiation and conclusion of double tax treaties between participating countries with the aim of an equitable global tax system.”

Helen explained that a company will normally pay income tax in its country of residence but it can also pay tax in a different country of source; for example, profits arising from a fixed place of business in that country. She added that companies can sometimes inadvertently create a taxable presence in another country, in which case tax registrations in that country will be needed.  Helen briefly talked about collaboration between the OCED and the G20 in tackling the artificial shifting of profits to low tax jurisdictions and how this can affect SMEs as well as large multinationals. 

The second speaker was Ben Blackburn whose company Blackburn Distributions won the 2018 International Trade Club Outstanding Exporter Achievement award.  The company manufacture sports supplements for the UK and international markets. He said, “To be successful you need to open your mind to how different markets operate.” He added, “Go to the markets you want to break into, employ people from that country to fully understand it.” Among his recommendations he suggested to use the resources from the Chamber of Commerce and Government. About becoming Exporter of the Year Ben said, “Winning last year’s award was great for credibility and a great boost for the team.”

Liam Smyth, Director – Trade Facilitation at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), talked about the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the role of BCC in reflecting the views of businesses. He explained that Brexit was just one issue among many facing businesses today. He added that trade is complex, and companies needed to develop expertise - 134,000 businesses across the UK export only to the EU and would be making customs declarations for the first time. He recommended that companies apply to HMRC for a UK EORI number and check if they can use Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP). In closing he said” Stay close to your customers and suppliers, check out HM Revenue and Customs and your Chambers resources including their customs clearance services and prepare for the impact of ‘No Deal’ – change is inevitable, so get ahead of it”

The final speaker of the day was Lesley Woodruff, Deputy Director, No Deal Stakeholder Engagement. She explained that it remains the Governments objective to leave the EU with a Deal, Government continue to prepare for the possibility of ‘No.  The aim of the Government is to maintain security, facilitate the flow of goods and to protect revenues and standards through all the UK’s ~135 ports and airports. No Deal will mean a significant increase in customs declarations. Lesley explained the transitional simplified procedures and other easements the government was putting in place. She also talked about duty deferment, special procedures and VAT.

Lesley gave key actions for businesses saying, “Apply for an EORI number, TSP, and agree responsibilities with your customs agents and logistics partners for each part of the process”.  Mandy Lockett, the Chamber’s International Trade Director, closed the meeting by thanking the speakers for their informative presentations and the businesses for attending. She reminded them about upcoming events including the next International Trade Club meeting on October 3rd.

All presentations from the meeting can be view below. 

View the pictures from the event here.

Reserve your place at the next breakfast meeting on the 3rd October, topics include:

As the UK approaches its departure from the EU, it is crucial that businesses are doing all they can to prepared for the future. The International Trade Club host several events specifically designed around current political issues and legislations involved around international trade. Supporting our Importers and Exporters to trade on international markets, develop their knowledge and share experiences with fellow guests.

With guest presenter from:

British Chamber of Commerce, Mike Spicer,  (BCC’s) Director of Policy, will be giving his insights on Brexit developments in Westminster and what businesses can do to prepare.

Fjelltopp, Jonathan Berry, winners of the International Trade Club's Newcomer to International Trade award, Jonathan will explain how he came to be trading with the United Nations on behalf of software engineers across Europe, from a Padiham attic.  He will unpick some of the challenges Fjelltopp have faced whilst working with some of the most volatile regions of Africa and the Middle East, as well as giving a brief introduction to the United Nations global marketplace and procurement process

The Gala Luncheon and Awards Ceremony 2019 promises to be spectacular event of prizes and surprises.

The International Trade Club is now accepting entries for the categories below:

  • Outstanding Importer Achievement
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  • Newcomer to International Trade

To enter download the application form below and send your entries to Marie White at

Closing date: Friday 22nd November. 

Additional club dates include:

6th December 2019 – International Trade Club Gala Luncheon and Awards 2019
20th February 2020 – Breakfast Meeting
14th May 2020 – Breakfast Meeting
9th July 2020 – Breakfast Meeting
17th September 2020 – Breakfast Meeting
3rd December 2020 – International Trade Club Gala Luncheon and Awards 2020
18th February 2021 – Breakfast Meeting
13th May 2021 – Breakfast Meeting
8th July 2021 – Breakfast Meeting
16th September 2021 – Breakfast Meeting
2nd December 2021 – International Trade Club Gala Luncheon and Awards 2021

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