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International Trade Club - Brilliant Breakfast

Event Date: 09 May 2019

Elizabeth Osgood and Ananda Guha, Business Readiness, EU Exit, Agri-Food Chain Directorate from DEFRA discussed work focusses and what preparations businesses may need to consider for EU Exit. DEFRA focus specifically on food and drink businesses,  Elizabeth and Ananda provided an update on the current situation before opening up the floor to questions.

John Griffiths the Regional International Trade Development Liaison Officer for HM Revenue & Customs. John explained to the audience everything you need to know to survive a Customs audit including preparing for an audit and what information Customs expect to be available at the time of the visit.

Edward and Sharon Xuereb at Progrex IT Solutions discussed how workflow solutions can help manufacturing companies bridge the gap between their UK sites and their international sites, suppliers, or customers. Offering companies their top tips and experiences.

Hayley Goldsbrough, policy official in BEIS Department’s EU Exit Business Intelligence and Readiness Directorate, provided an overview of what businesses should consider in order to prepare for EU Exit. Hayley discussed the Government’s information campaign, tools and resources for businesses, the new sector primers and recent announcements.

One of our lovely members Kathryn Nolan of Surface Print gave her views on the International Trade Club, see her video here

All presentations can be located below. 

Reserve your place at the next breakfast meeting on the 11th July, speakers include:

It’s nearly 3 years since the Brexit Referendum and against a backdrop of dashed hopes, half-truths, failed votes, promised deals and uncertainty businesses are expected to be continuing to trade, whatever the outcome. Today’s breakfast speaker Liam Smyth, Director, Trade Facilitation at British Chamber of Commerce will try to extract the practical from the political landscape and to create some certainty for traders in an uncertain world.

Helen Cowley, Partner at Baldwins Group, will advise business on the best practises when setting up companies overseas, including new legislation to protect your business in the international market place.

Ben Blackburn, managing director at Blackburn Distribution, winners of the International Trade Club’s Outstanding Exporter Achievement Award 2018, Ben will share his experiences and top business tips with the audience and how winning the award has helped his company.

Additional club dates include:

6th December 2019 – International Trade Club Gala Luncheon and Awards 2019
20th February 2020 – Breakfast Meeting
14th May 2020 – Breakfast Meeting
9th July 2020 – Breakfast Meeting
17th September 2020 – Breakfast Meeting
3rd December 2020 – International Trade Club Gala Luncheon and Awards 2020
18th February 2021 – Breakfast Meeting
13th May 2021 – Breakfast Meeting
8th July 2021 – Breakfast Meeting
16th September 2021 – Breakfast Meeting
2nd December 2021 – International Trade Club Gala Luncheon and Awards 2021

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