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International Trade Club Meeting

Event Date: 23 September 2008


The morning commenced at Mytton Fold Hotel and Golf Complex – Langho with a hot and cold breakfast with refreshments.
The first speaker Hugh Roberts from the Digital Development Unit gave an overview of the funding and assistance available within East Lancashire under the No Limits/LEGI strand for businesses to develop and grow through innovation.
The next speaker Adrian Taylor from Interactive Enlightenment explained how a foreign language video or multimedia marketing presentation can make sure export customers understand what you are selling.
The final speaker Mandy Lockett from the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce explained the changes for invoicing and zero rating supplies into the EC. These changes came into effect from October 2007 and from October 2008 all businesses must adhere to the new rulings. VAT info sheet 10/07 details the new ruling and correct wording to use and the full version can be downloaded from our news section. Tooling and how you calculate Duty and Vat was also discussed and examples can be viewed from the downloadable presentation file.
One to one discussions with the presenters and networking with refreshments continued after the presentations.

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