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International Trade Club - Brilliant Breakfast

Event Date: 25 September 2014

The event offered new and experienced traders, the chance to expand and update their knowledge, benefit from a wide range of informative presentations and enjoy a fabulous breakfast.

  •  Barbara Sutton provided vital information on saving money with International payments. How the Global economy, terrorism & unemployment can efffect your business. The benefits Moneycorp partnered with Chamber of Commerce can offer to companies allowing them to take advantage, saving hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands.
  • Peter Millington discussed the biggest issues companies come across in business, highlighting underinsurance problems and the "Nasty stuff" which often gets overlooked.  Including his top tips to stop you getting short changed.
  • Dr Hae-Sung Jean provided an interactive presentation on the Korean language including useful phrases and etiquette and how to build a good relationship. 
  • Antionio Parente shared his travellers tales, the key elements that have helped to win orders and grow the business.  Including his very own top tip.


Future Dates for your diary include:
6th November 2014 Breakfast Meeting  (future global logistics, Evacuation / Repatriation security issues in the Far East, Middle East and Russia also French Business Culture)

12th November 2014 at the Chamber of Commerce, “Trading in Russia” providing vital information on the turmoil companies are now facing when trading with Russia. Also Eurasia Economic Union – Why it matters

5th December 2014 International Trade Awards & Gala Lunch (Dickensian murder mystery & a visit from Rudolph and his friend)


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