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International Trade Club Breakfast Meeting

Event Date: 02 February 2012

The International Trade Club is a popular series of events for Importers and Exporters and a great opportunity to build business, knowledge and network. As well as enjoying a fabulous breakfast, delegates will get some great hints and tips to take away from the learn part of the event.
Cybercrime – The Modern Menace
Today’s organisations throughout the world rely on information technology to carry out their business. Whether from the private or public sectors, from the smallest to the largest organisations, computer systems are at the heart of business.

The development of the internet, computer networks and their rapid expansion into virtually all areas of commerce has created a truly global business community. It has not only revolutionised the way companies and individuals communicate, but has fundamentally changed the nature of the way business is done.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that just as corporate and individual reliance on technology has grown significantly over the last decade that the risks that businesses face have grown proportionately whether this be from an employee leaving an unencrypted laptop or data stick on a train or a full-blown attack by professional and criminal hackers anywhere in the world.

Cybercrime is costing the UK on average £474 million per year

  • 92% of large companies and 83% of smaller companies suffered a data security incident in 2009
  • 19 people fall victim to cybercrime every minute in the UK
  • 95% of data security breaches are caused by either hackers, rogue employees or loss/ theft of equipment

Delegates joined us on 2 February 2012 at our first International Trade Club Meeting of the year to hear from Taylor Patterson Corporate Insurance and Antony Statham, Development Underwriter at ChubbInsurance who are one of the World’s leading Cybercrime Insurers on:

  • Why and how cyber attacks happen and who the cyber terrorists are out there
  • The impacts of a cyber attack on a business and how businesses can protect themselves
  • Examine some cases where businesses weren’t so lucky
  • How to manage a data security breach in your business if the worst should happen

Learned basic Russian

Learning a language can be daunting, but this fun and interactive session enabled delegates you to learn essential business phrases to use immediately with their clients. Our speaker, Simon Kerins of Hearts and Mind 4 Business shared his passion for the Russian language, and provided a few tips along the way to get them started!!! Simon said:

"Russia is now a powerful figure in international business and its staging of the forthcoming Winter Olympics and the 2018 World Cup will doubtless further raise its profile.  All in all, there is no better time to begin learning the language and, although it has a different alphabet to ours, by no means is it the most difficult language.

My short presentation will concentrate on introducing oneself in a business environment, stating the nature of our business and what we might be looking for from a partnership with a Russian company."

Discovered Latin America

Gabriela Castro-Fontoura of Sunny Sky Solutions looked at why Latin America is a great market to get into, and provided an overview of the culture and where to start. Gabriela  identified some of the main obstacles and how to overcome them and shared just a few of the many success stories she has come across in the past.

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