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Protecting your Overseas Business

Event Date: 02 June 2009

Members attended this meeting where guest speakers provided up-to-date advice on protecting them and their businesse overseas.  This was a fantastic opportunity for them to increase their awareness of the range of potential threats and opportunities, and to take advantage of the practical and legal advice to ensure your business is protected whilst trading overseas, paying specific attention to:-

· UK company appointed agents in EU countries that start working outside  
  their agreed country/territory (causing complaints/legal threats from other 
  EU agents).
· The problem of overseas clients on open account not paying their bills.
· UK companies receiving goods from overseas suppliers that are not up to
  the standard agreed/promised prior to the order being placed.
0800 hours Breakfast (hot and cold), refreshments and networking
0900 hours Practical advice on protecting your business interests overseas
0945 hours Legal aspects on protecting your business interests overseas
1030 hours Refreshments, networking and one to one with guest speakers

Guest Speakers included Ed Murphy - International Trade Director, Chamber Of Commerce and Daniel Milnes – Partner (Contractual Law), Forbes Solicitors.  Copies of their presentations can be viewed below.

To find out how to become a member of the Club please contact Marie White at tel: 01254 356400.

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