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Article Date: 05 October 2011

Duplicate EUR1 and ATR Certificates
A duplicate EUR1 or ATR must contain the same information as the original certificate, including signatures, dates and places.  The only change is “DUPLICATE” must appear in box 7 along with the serial number and date of issue of the original certificate as per example below.

Original Certificate Serial Number S123456 (your original certificate number to be inserted)
Original Certificate Issue Date 01/10/2011(your original certificate date to be inserted)

EC Certificate of Origin: Country of Origin (Box 3)
The correct designation is to add the EC countries, separated by the commas and then add non – EC countries after the ampersand. Please see following example:

European Community – Germany, United Kingdom & India 
European Community & India

Unfortunately, the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce will not be able to accept documents that do not comply with the above designations of country of origin.

Electronic Documentation
The Chamber are not able to certify any electronic applications where the name of the Applicant is different to the name of the Authorised Signatory that appears on the document.  The Applicant and Authorised Signatory names should be the same.  If you have members of staff who apply electronically for documentation but have to use somebody else’s signature as the Authorised Signatory, please contact the Chamber for a Delegated Authority Form.


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