Exports to Iraq

Article Date: 18 July 2011

Re: Pre-Importation Inspection, Testing & Certification Program of Goods to Iraq

As you may be aware a programme of Conformity is now in place for certain goods being shipped to Iraq.

However, this does not include all goods.  For those goods not covered within the Inspection programme an official letter will be required to accompany documents prior to either certification only and / or legalisation by the Iraqi Consulate.  This letter should state, that the goods being shipped to Iraq are not included on the list of regulated products for the ICIGI programme.  Therefore, do not require a certificate of conformity to be issued.

Currently, many shipments are being held up awaiting proof of non requirement of a certificate of conformity.

To resolve this matter the ABCC has negotiated with the Iraqi Consulate and SGS to formalise a process that will allow documents to be certified or legalised, swiftly and with no further delay.

A letter issued by SGS and verified by the ABCC will be issued for goods which do not require a SGS Certificate of Conformity.

In order to ascertain of such letter the company must provide the HS code(s) to the ABCC.

The cost of this service is £30.00 + VAT

For further information on how to obtain such a letter please contact Marie White on
01254 356448 or email                                                          

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