Intellicig Electronic Cigarettes go Organic in the States

Article Date: 27 May 2011

Intellicig's organic growth rivals that of Jack’s Beanstalk, but Intellicig is far from being a fairytale, it’s a real-life success story!  In less than three years, Intellicig has grown from a start-up company into a multi-million pound business. Hard work, determination and passion are the key elements, underpinned by Intellicig’s unswerving belief that what they do can really makes a difference to peoples’ lives; it already has made a difference to many thousands of ex-smokers who have successfully made the transition from inhaling burning tobacco to the ultra high-tech, electronic alternative from Intellicig.

Intellicig's official opening of their new USA sales office and distribution centre in Atlanta, Georgia, last week was a resounding success, with over seventy business associates, potential buyers from across the country, and media, all enjoying the hospitality and the presentation of Intellicig products.  The presence of an Intellicig UK Director and their International Trade Manager epitomised the level of involvement and commitment of this vibrant and innovative company.

Intellicig is the leading manufacturer of Electronic Cigarettes, with their Head Office in Lancashire and a dedicated manufacturing facility within the UMIC Bioscience Centre in Manchester.  They are soon to celebrate their third birthday, and their achievement so far - Intellicig products are currently stocked in over 5,000 UK stores, are exported worldwide to over 23 countries, and are available with customised packaging in 8 languages - is testimony to their success.  The Intellicig team fully support their International Partners by guiding them through the export/import procedures, liaising with Government Departments and Embassies, and ensuring a smooth delivery of Intellicig products all the way to the end user.

Electronic Cigarettes have enjoyed huge popularity in the USA, with an estimated market of over 50m dollars per year and a year on year growth of 100%. The mainstream market is made up of products manufactured in China, often to undetermined quality standards.  Intellicig identified this opportunity last year and developed a strategic plan to expand their customer base significantly across the USA.  Intellicig's quality control, laboratory production, and batch-testing of ingredients and final product, are recognised by Trade Partners and end users as significant, positive factors when making their choice.

Intellicig USA is being headed up by Sherry Cassaw, who has extensive business development and logistics experience in the medical devices sector. Sherry said: “We are so excited about the launch of Intellicig USA, retailers over here are crying out for a reliable product that is manufactured to a known standard. Electronic Cigarettes in the USA have experienced substantial popularity and now people are keen to know what they are inhaling. Intellicig manufacture their nicotine liquid and refills in the UK in their own Bioscience Facility based in the University of Manchester, this gives us all confidence, especially end users.”

David Newns, an Intellicig Company Director, said: “We have had a tremendous response already from our USA launch, as buyers want a credible alternative to stock in their stores, one that can be qualified for quality and consistency. The UK and USA have a long history of strong trade links and we have had great support from the local Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta. We have specific growth plans in place and will continue our endeavours to increase our sizeable share in this rapidly expanding market.”

“With regulation in mind, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is seeking to identify quality products which are manufactured to known standards; Intellicig are ahead of the game here too, as our products are designed and produced to exceed current, and future, regulatory requirements.  Our proprietary nicotine liquid is manufactured in our own laboratory at UMIC, a renowned Bioscience Centre, using ingredients to Pharmacopoeia standards and we have recently installed High Performance Liquid Chromatography equipment to enable in-house batch-testing, another first in the industry.  We continue to be the pioneering company in this field and consistently aim to raise the bar for standards of quality and purity.”

Intellicig has already created 10 new jobs in Atlanta and will grow its UK manufacturing base to support the increased product demand, meaning a further 10 jobs can be created in the production department at Manchester.

For further information please contact Trudy Sefton Marketing Manager for Intellicig 

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