Fake Shipping Company Scam

Article Date: 01 October 2009

Fake Shipping Company Scam

Long standing Chamber members Protec Fire Detection PLC of Nelson would like to inform fellow members of the fake shipping scam which appears to be gathering momentum once again amongst British Businesses.  Having entertained and played the scammers from the very outset, Protec Fire Detection PLC now share their recent experience below:-

We were contacted via e-mail to our general sales e-mail address asking for a quotation for 50 fire extinguishers by a "Michael Daley". Our extinguisher team contacted him and got some contact details from him and gave him the price. He then came back asking us to ship the goods to his "branch" in Singapore and asked that we used a specific freight forwarder (Mobo).  The gist of the scam is to try to get us to pay their phoney carrier up front on the understanding that we then get the money off the "customer" when they pay for the goods.

However in this case, the "customer" faxed us with some credit card details for a gentleman in the United States which we put through our credit card facility here, fully expecting that it would not work. We were surprised when the payment did go through ok. We were then given two more individuals credit card details, both of whom were also based in the U.S., but we did not process these payments. We have been in contact with the credit card companies and two of the named individuals to advise them what has been going on and that they should speak to their bank/credit card companies. We have refunded the £2,000.00 we charged to the first credit card.

We are expecting further calls/e-mails from "Michael Daley", whom we believe to be based in Ghana, but we will be informing him we have been in touch with the authorities over their activities.

If you experience something similar, you should report the details in the first instance to East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce & Industry, tel 01254 356400.

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