One company seems set to avoid the ‘Spectre’ of trouble ahead after being called upon to help manufacture a product for the latest James Bond film. Leyland-based Specialised Inflatable Technologies (S I T Ltd) were involved behind the scenes in Daniel Craig’s latest blockbuster outing as 007 (inset). The appearance in the film which generated close to a billion dollars at the box office is another string to S I T’s bow.

speedboatWe design and manufacture low pressure inflatables for the emergency services, marine, recovery, leisure, military markets and a whole host of industrial applications”

said Chris Chadwick, MD, who began his career with the Leyland and Birmingham Rubber Company in the late 1980s.

“S I T Ltd manufacture for many market sectors, so if one market recedes, be it seasonal or a downturn in the economy, we still have others to maintain the work load”

said Chris Chadwick.

The demand for inflatable ResQ sleds and boats is an ever increasing one, especially given the number of storms affecting the country of late, not least the Christmas floods which brought festive misery across Cumbria, Lancashire and parts of Yorkshire.

There were countless images of homeowners and residents being rescued from their properties in SIT’s inflatable ResQ products.

There has been more awareness of the rescue and recovery elements within the emergency services sector, now firefighters who were traditionally focused on fighting fires are now also focused on Rescue operations, including swift water and flooding.

Inflatable craft and RIBs are only examples of a large product portfolio. Military products are also manufactured, including a range of fully inflatable combat boats, along with rafts for white water centres – and not to mention inflatables for theme park rides, water activity centres and other leisure industries.

Their ‘ResQ’ range, provides inflatables for rescue scenarios such as water, ice, mud and snow, with one particularly eye-catching job following a notable rescue mission that was carried out Stateside.

There was an emergency landing by an aeroplane on the Hudson River in New York a few years ago,”

Chris said.

“After that, John Lennon Airport in Liverpool got in touch and asked how they could provide training for a similar incident.”

“We designed and built an inflatable aeroplane, to be used in a major training exercise simulating an emergency landing on water.

boatIt assists in the company growth, job creation/retention as well as dealing efficiently with our ever increasing work load. All going well we will move into the new offices by the end of March. The mezzanine has been erected using only recycled material and will accommodate our new stores area.”

The Regional Growth Fund-supported Lancashire Business Growth Fund is a programme offering capital investment grants and international trade support to businesses across the county.

The programme has been launched by the county’s two accredited Chambers of Commerce – East Lancashire and North & Western Lancashire – in partnership with Regenerate Pennine Lancashire and is intended to create 600 new jobs and safeguard a 200.

Its key aim is to accelerate the creation of sustainable jobs by encouraging companies to bring forward growth projects on a bigger scale with a larger impact at a time when those jobs are most needed.

Businesses bidding for grants from the scheme can claim up to 20 per cent of the total project costs with the remaining costs leveraged from the bank or investment.

To be eligible for the programme, projects must involve the acquisition of new machinery, infrastructure, expansion or another suitable form of capital investment.

Businesses are also required to demonstrate how many jobs will be created through the project in order to be accepted onto the scheme.

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