Lancaster firm Connect 2 Cleanrooms hits Hollywood as one of its cleanrooms features in the new Ryan Reynolds film, Criminal.

In the trailer for the film, Tommy Lee Jones is seen operating on Kevin Costner inside the cleanroom, implanting the memories of a deceased CIA agent.

The scene demonstrates the unique way in which a modular cleanroom can create a clean environment anywhere – although Connect 2 Cleanrooms serves a diverse range of clients, this is the first time it has installed one inside an eerie abandoned warehouse.

We’re more used to installing our cleanrooms in commercial warehouses”

says MD Joe Govier.

“When we originally supplied the cleanroom back in 2014, we were given an idea of how it would be used in the set, but to see it in the trailer is just fantastic. As you can imagine this has created a fair bit of excitement in the office.”

“Our cleanrooms achieve wonderful things every day, creating mission critical environments to protect sensitive applications, such as medical device manufacture and high precision technology.”

“The production company chose one of our modular cleanrooms for the same reasons hundreds of other organisations have – for their bespoke, flexible design, cost effectiveness, short lead time and fast installation.”

Connect 2 Cleanrooms is a global specialist in cleanroom design & manufacture and its classified controlled environments protect critical processes for a diverse range of sectors around the world.

Criminal is directed by Ariel Vromen and is due for a UK release on 15 April 2016.

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