I have been asked to prepare a list of commodity codes for use by our import department next year (2016). Do you know if these numbers will be the same as this year’s codes?


The simple answer is no. The commodity code number we use in the EU is either an 8-digit number used for exports and EU trade statistics or a 10-digit number for import purposes. This number is constructed from 3 different sets. The Harmonised System code is the first 6-digits and these are reviewed and amended where necessary every five years. The last full review was in 2012 so we are not expecting another change until 2017. Digits 7 and 8 (which give the commodity code the name of the Combined Nomenclature or CN) are decided on by the European Commission. The Combined Nomenclature is reviewed every year and any changes are usually published on the UK Trade Information website in November. The 10-digit commodity code used at import into the EU is known as the TARIC and the last two digits can change at any time during the year depending on the implementation of new anti-dumping duties, importing licensing issues, tariff quotas or suspension or preference agreements.

Source – Croners Wolters Kluwer Business

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