Very Important Instruction Issued by the Egyptian Customs Department

Article Date: 04 February 2016

Very Important Instruction Issued by the Egyptian Customs Department

 According to the directive No. 202 issued on 17 November 2015 relating to the implementation of Article 23 & 30 of the Customs Law, the importer or his agent is obliged to lawfully present the following documents:

  • The invoice should comply with Article No. 8 of the Importation Regulation.

  • The value of the imported items listed in the original pro forma invoice authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce, as well as all documents related to cost; shipping cost,
    insurance cost and all other expenses.

  • The certificate of origin and other documents specifying the country of origin should be presented with the legalisation of the Embassy or the Egyptian Consulate in the exporting country.

 After providing a grace period of one month, it is obligatory to implement this directive from 17 December 2015 with a full commitment to supply all information requested, without any exception on any other customs order. 

 Kindly find below the Import Regulations and Customs Law articles and further information can be found here

 Import Regulation:

 Article 8: It is stipulated for the release of imported goods, that they be accompanied by an invoice with the name of the producer, the trademark if applicable, address, telephone number, fax, and email address.


 Customs Law:

 Article: 23(7) The concerned party shall submit the purchase contracts or original invoices indicating therein the contract terms, as well as the documents connected with the goods, duly approved by an entity specified or accepted by Customs Department. If it transpires to Customs Department that the documents, wholly or partly, or in some of their data, are incomplete or invalid, the department may not reckon with them. The concerned party shall be informed in writing, and upon its request, of the reasons on which the decision of the Department is based.

 Article 30(8) The shipping and transport establishments, and the natural and juridical persons who have any connection with customs operations, shall maintain and keep all papers, registers, instruments and documents connected with these operations. Importers of foreign goods and those who purchase directly from them for trading purposes shall maintain and keep the papers and documents establishing the settlement of the tax. All other holders of foreign goods who keep these goods for trading purposes shall maintain any document indicating the source of these goods. The Minister of Finance shall issue a decree determining the rules, procedures and periods to be observed in maintaining the papers, registers, instruments and documents referred to in the previous clauses. The concerned customs officials shall have the right to view and have access to any of the papers, registers, documents and instruments stipulated upon in this article, and seize them in case any violation is established in them.


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