Best of Britain campaign by Lulu Hypermarket in UAE

Article Date: 06 January 2016

Best of Britain campaign by Lulu Hypermarket in UAE

British Centres for Business is working with Lulu Group International on their Best of Britain campaign.

Lulu is one of the biggest hypermarket and supermarket chains in the Middle East and the biggest in the UAE. Every year they hold the Best of Britain campaign for 10 days where they showcase British products at their 100+ retail stores in the Middle East. This year they have asked the BCB’s help to recruit UK companies for them for this campaign, whose products they can showcase at their stores. Lulu’s turnover was £3.35 billion in 2014.

This is a great opportunity for UK firms to export and showcase their products in the UAE, and that too, without paying any fees for consolidation/logistics/shipping/listing etc. 

UK companies selected for this campaign will only need to send their products to Y International, Lulu’s UK buying office which will take care of consolidation and other logistics.

This is a great opportunity for British Centres for Business too because this can increase UK exports in general and facilitate more export wins.

Further information is provided below:

  • Campaign dates: In April 2016, date is TBC
  • Categories of interest: All, however the top 10 categories are: confectionery, carbonated drinks, water, bakery, crisps, biscuits, breakfast cereals, cooking sauces, cake decorations, chocolate and peanut spreads
  • Type of companies: All, however, first-time exporters to UAE would be preferred
  • Fees: No joining/listing fees
  • Number of companies: No restrictions on numbers. All will be considered, as long as they fit Lulu’s profile.
  • Type of orders: Initially trial orders to see potential, then larger/regular orders for 100+ Lulu stores in the Middle East
  • Deadline to connect with relevant UK companies: 1st February 2016

 Ali S. Ali, Trade Manager, Food and Drink Sector will collate all names and sit down with Lulu to discuss which ones would they be interested to take on board for this campaign. He will then reply to each and every company you put forward for this campaign with Lulu’s final decision in February.

Last year’s Best of Britain campaign was inaugurated by the British Ambassador in Abu Dhabi and the British Consul General in Dubai 

To get in touch with Mr Ali please contact him on or +971 52 905 3143

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