EU Sanctions on Uzbekistan

Article Date: 21 May 2009

Details of Council Regulation of 23rd February 2009 which amends Council Regulation (EC) No.1859//2005 and UK implementing Legislation.
1. The European Union adopted Council Regulation (EC) 154/2009 (“the amending Regulation”) on 23rd February 2009 amending Council Regulation (EC) No. 1859/2005 (“the original Regulation”), imposing certain restrictive measures in respect of Uzbekistan..

2 The amending Regulation replaces Annex I of the original Regulation. Annex I is the list of equipment which might be used for internal repression.
The amending Regulation entered into force on 27th February 2009.

3. BERR has subsequently issued implementing legislation, The Export Control (Uzbekistan)(Amendment) Order 2009 (S.I. 2009/1174), which entered into force on 8th May 2009.

4. For further details of strategic export controls please contact,

Export Control Organisation
Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
1 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0ET
Fax 020 7215 4594
Tel:020 7215 2635

This notice is for information purposes only and has no force in law.  Please note that where legal advice is required exporters should make their own arrangements.
14 May 2009


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