DTI fees

Article Date: 10 November 2015


We have received an invoice from an import clearance company in the UK on which is shown a DTI Fee. What is this for?



The DTI is the Direct Trader Input facility which allows importers, exporters or their agents to clear consignments at import or export by electronic data transfer of the SAD declarations (Single Administrative Document) to the Customs computer system (eg UK CHIEF — Customs Handling of Import/Export Freight), without the necessity to lodge a subsequent paper declaration. The main objective is to provide a simplified and paperless environment for customs and traders, in which legitimate trade can operate the seamless movement of goods with the minimum interference by HMRC. DTI users require a digital certificate and must be registered as users of this system. Basically the fee is an entry processing charge billed to you by the agent because they have used this system. Generally I would expect to see this included in their standard import entry costs rather than itemised out.


Source – Croners Wolters Kluwer Business

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