Exports to Saudi Arabia

Article Date: 11 February 2009

One of our members has received the following information concerning their exports to Saudi Arabia:-

The Saudi Customs Authority has given strict directive that the country of Origin / Made In……. must be mentioned (engraved or affixed – non removable sticker) on each item and also should be printed on the boxes / cartons.

The Certificate of Origin also must mention the same details.

If the shipment is originating from any European country, then the exact country of the item manufactured / produced must be mentioned in Certificate of Origin instead of “European Union”.  If one package / carton contains shipments from various countries, then each item should show its own country of origin.

If any shipment arrives without Country of Origin / Made In……., then the authority will not allow affixing the country of origin on the item anymore and such cargo has to be returned (re-export) of the shipment to its origin at shippers / consignee’s cost without any prior notice.

It is applicable for all shipments arriving at Ports of Entry Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh effective 1 February 2009.

Any failure to follow these instructions are treated as a serious offence and the importer on record will be fully responsible for whatever delays and any cost incurred against port penalties, demurrages, detention charges, extra manpower and related labours charges.

Therefore, you are advised to check the specifics of packaging for Saudi Arabia with your own Freight Management Company.  Assuring you of our best attention at all times,

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