International Trade Club networking event

Article Date: 27 July 2015

At our recent International Trade Club networking event, with over 50 delegates attending for learning and developing their knowledge around international trade issues and subjects, we received an interesting presentation from John Pearce of Made in Britain.

He revealed how a number of manufacturing companies have been able to tap in to this unique brand. By applying the Made in Britain marque this can boost sales to your products and promote British made products in the UK and abroad. A number of local manufacturers are seriously considering the use of the marque within their promotional material and the labelling/marketing of their products and goods. As I seem to constantly say we are good at what we do not just locally but regionally, nationally and of course internationally and we need to showcase this around the world.

I would also like to welcome Cassons business advisers LLP, our new sponsors of the International Trade Club. With their wealth of experience we know this partnership will benefit international traders locally. Cassons are members of BKR International, one of the world’s leading accounting associations with representatives in 80 countries, providing intelligence at their fingertips.

On a final and unfortunate issue the recent tragic events across the globe, brings home the basics of safeguarding your business travellers overseas. Be vigilant and make sure both the business and traveller are well informed and have appropriate insurance cover in case of an emergency. Whilst this is a sombre note, world trade is increasing and visits are essential to build those important relationships.

Mandy Lockett - International Trade & Training Director

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