Airports Commission backs new Heathrow runway

Article Date: 21 July 2015

Airports Commission backs new Heathrow runway

The long wait for a decision is over and the Airports Commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, has unanimously recommended that the problems of under-capacity in the UK’s airports should be solved by building a third Heathrow runway.

This option, the Commission states, presents the strongest case and offers the greatest strategic and economic benefits, providing around 40 new destinations from the airport and more than 70,000 new jobs by 2050.

The Commission’s final report, together with all supporting documents and technical papers, can be found here.

The final recommendation comes with a number of caveats. Perhaps most importantly, given the continuing local and political opposition to expansion at Heathrow, it confirms that expansion at Gatwick remains a credible option.

Also, if Heathrow is chosen, the Commission recommends a significant package of measures to address environmental and community impacts.

The report calls on the Government to make a firm commitment in Parliament not to expand the airport further (if the third runway is built) and it highlights that building a new runway will make it possible to introduce a ban on all scheduled night flights in the period from 11.30pm to 6.00am.

While accepting that the Government will need to review its analysis carefully, the Commission urges it not to prolong this process and to move as quickly as it can to a decision.

Further delay will be increasingly costly and will be seen, nationally and internationally, as a sign that the UK is unwilling or unable to take the steps needed to maintain its position as a well-connected, open trading economy in the twenty-first century

Source – Croner a Wolters Kluwer business.

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