A.TR form validity

Article Date: 01 July 2015

Q - Can you advise us how long an A.TR form is valid and why our customer in Turkey wants one even though the goods have a standard zero duty rate?

A - The A.TR Form is a document used for trade between the EU and Turkey for goods that are “in free circulation”, ie if not of EU/Turkish origin they have been imported and all relevant customs duties paid. The A.TR does not apply to agricultural goods or coal and steel products but it does apply to manufactured items and most other products. The form is valid for four months from the date of issue in the exporting country and must be submitted within this period to the import customs authority (EU or Turkey). The A.TR is not a mandatory document although it does allow the importer to pay a lower customs duty rate (often zero) in line with the EU/Turkey Associate Agreement. It also has a second role. On entering Turkey, goods are subject to a general risk analysis; some goods may also be subject to further checks and controls in relation to security, quality and conformity standards. This is under provision of the risk-based trade control system "TAREKS". If goods subject to such checks arrive in Turkey with a Movement Certificate (A.TR) these further inspections are not required.

Source - Croner a Wolters Kluwer business.

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