Import Licensing Changes - Textiles from China

Article Date: 01 December 2008

Imports of Textiles and Clothing Originating in China – Import Licensing Changes from 1 January 2009

Notice to Importers 2757 published on 17 December 2007 set out the import licensing requirements for textiles originating in China for the 2008 shipping year. This double control surveillance regime was agreed for one year so that there would be an orderly transition from quotas to open trading. The purpose of this notice is to inform traders that the regime expires at the end of 2008 and will not be extended.

The European Commission has confirmed that prior surveillance licensing will not be agreed to replace the current double control surveillance regime.

Accordingly from 1 January 2009 an import licence will not be required for any textiles originating in China regardless of when the goods were shipped from China. This also means that existing import licences for goods already shipped will no longer be required when the textiles are cleared though customs.

Documentary proof of origin will continue to be required. Notice to Importers 2699 sets out these requirements. A copy is available on the ILB website or by contacting ILB.

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