Buyers Wanted

Article Date: 17 March 2015

We would like to elicit your support in the National Export Sales Course approved by the British Chambers of Commerce and delivered by the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce for novice and experienced exporters.

This support would be in the form of between three and four hours of your time to role-play as an international buyer for the end of course finale.

The buyer need not have any experience of international negotiations as a full briefing on the product, pricing and terms is given on the morning. The benefits as a buyer are being able to try new techniques in the negotiations, debrief with the trainee sellers after the negations and contribute to the growth of the UK economy. Lunch is provided for all participants.

The course itself is a four day intensive process with the first three days dedicated to the various disciplines in selling overseas, including pricing, payment terms, customs procedures, selling techniques, terms and conditions, planning and budgeting. The fourth and last day is the sales negotiation, when the Chamber would like to request help from your buyers to take part in the role play.

We do hope that you or any of your colleagues are able to devote the time and assist with this crucial role-play for our novice export sales delegates.

For further information contact:
Abigail 356473

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