Exporters to Belarus

Article Date: 01 December 2008

Belarus has recently removed the obligation on companies to present an EU export declaration on import of goods into Belarus. 

After concerns were raised by the European Commission, Belarus eliminated the unreasonable obligation on companies importing EU goods into the country to present an EU export declaration on import.

In the course of 2008, the European Commission had been informed that the Customs Authorities of Belarus were requiring presentation of EU export declarations on import of goods to Belarus. As a result of this measure, the export consignments to Belarus from the EU Member States could not be cleared, causing serious delays with a negative impact on trade and the economy.

The Commission services held several meetings with the Belarusian representatives.  They underlined that any legal or administrative practice requirement to present the export declaration on import to Belarus is incompatible with international commercial standards and modern customs practice. The Commission services also presented information on the legal and practical aspects of the EC Export Control System. They stressed that as of 1 July 2009 the Export Control System will be fully applicable in the EU and paper declarations will not be used in the EU anymore.

As a result on 29 August 2008, the Belarusian Council of Ministers adopted Regulation no 1246 which no longer requires presentation of the export declaration on import of goods to Belarus.  Further details can be found at

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