2009 Exhibitions in Turkey

Article Date: 19 November 2008

BCCT has provided many opportunities for its members to grow their business for 120 years. It provides economical and trade information to the Turkish and British businessmen. BCCT reinforces coordination and cooperation between the two countries. United Kingdom is one of the best trade partners of Turkey.

We, as the British Chamber of Commerce of Turkey, have a great pleasure to inform you that we are supporting the below exhibitions to be held in Antalya in 2009.

1. Hotel Equipment Fair 15 - 18 January 2009

2. Food Product Fair 04 - 07 February 2009  

3. Fresh Antalya Fair 19 - 21 March 2009  

4. Hetex Fair 26 February - 01 March 2009  

The fairs will be held in Antalya at ANFAS Exhibition Center. When the world speaks about Turkey, Antalya is one the first cities that come to mind. With its natural beauties, mild climate, international standard hotels, contemporary airport, cities with thousand years of history and museums exhibiting civilizations lasting from the ancient times to the present it is the most popular touristic city in Turkey.

ANFAS (Antalya Exhibition Management and Investment Joint Stock Co.) is the joint stock company established in 1994 by multiple partnerships of public and private sector entrepreneurs.

Antalya Expo Center, put into service by Anfa? in 1999, hosted numerous international exhibitions and is serving as the meeting point for 500 thousand national and foreign sector professionals every year. Owing to all these features Antalya became Anatolia’s exhibition base.

Antalya Expo Center occupies the area of 65000 m2 and consists of two floors and 6 exhibition halls with total covered exhibition area of 40000 m2. The floors are interconnected by two way escalators. It is hosting international events and organizations with its advanced infrastructure comprising of the system for provision of all exhibition stands with adequate power, compressed air and water supply, telephone and wireless internet connection, heating and cooling systems and generators, 10.30 m high ceilings, open car park with the capacity for 2000 vehicles, press center, VIP Lounge, 5 star restaurant and cafeteria.

Participants of Antalya exhibitions can stay at 5 star resort hotels, accommodation establishments with sports and health facilities and city hotels located within the 20 km circle area.

In addition, ANFAS is going to provide 2 days accommodation to the British visitors who are confirmed by the BCCT and ANFAS but the allocation of the rooms are limited and we as the Chamber nor the ANFAS can not guarantee that all visitors will be placed.

As BCCT we strongly believe that these exhibitions will create a great deal of opportunities for both Turkish and British businessmen.

You can contact Ms Ozlem Yapar at if you need further information.

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