Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia ??? Customs Union Certificate

Article Date: 04 December 2014

On 1st January 2015 the Eurasian Economic Union comes into existence and one of the first things to be effected will be import documentation.
Then when clicking on the page – As of 15th February 2015 GOST R certification will no longer be accepted by customs officials within the Customs Union nations of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia. Thereafter they will require a CU Certificate as proof of conformity to new Customs Union import and technical regulations.

CU certificates will be used in the same capacity as GOST R certificates and can be provided for a period of 1 or 3 years. As well as product tariff codes and details, they will also incorporate the name of the Customs Union importer.

As the deadline approaches the demand to replace old documentation with new will increase and so will prices for providing them. It is also likely that with the increase in demand, turnaround times for their provision will become extended. Now is a good time to look at ensuring that these new certificates are in place so that there will be no interruption for exporting your goods. Although some are advising that existing documents will be accepted until they are due for renewal, this is not assured and is at best likely to be discretionary.

Trudos International has created a dedicated team to see our clients through the transition period. Please call us with your requirements or email your product details to us on to make sure your exports remain compliant with Eurasian Union regulations.

For any more information please contact Abigail Peake on or 01254 356473.

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