Kidnap & Ransom ??? The Negotiations

Article Date: 28 June 2012

Guest speaker, Peter Dobbs from Catlin Group Limited, has spent 30 years in the kidnap & ransom industry and highlighted a variety the themes that have been developing this year across the globe as many manufacturers of the world try to deal with piracy amongst other issues of famine, natural disaster,global financial meltdown and regime change.

The difference between today and 30 years ago is that the criminals (pirates, kidnappers etc) are heavily armed, better financed and more organised, targeting a much wider range of assets, shipments and freight across the world.

Peter shared his knowledge and real life empowering experiences involving Kidnap & Ransom and gave an interesting take on how to defuse, liaise and successfully negotiate under extreme situations. His overriding message was that no matter what the situation, negotiate - just don’t give in.

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