Qatar Documentation: Updated Ruling

Article Date: 19 June 2012

A new rule has been issued for submitting Qatar documentation. This ruling is that electronically stamped documents will not be accepted. Only certificates with a “wet stamp”, signed in blue ink as originals, will be certified. Please see below for details.

The Certificate of Origin has to be done as per the below;

- has to be done on a  format of chamber of Commerce (Original Paper)

- has to be stamp using wet ink Rubber Stamp of  chamber of Commerce and Should be signed by an authorized person with Blue Ink Only

Please Note Qatar Customs are checking on the Rubber stamp as :- if they put a drop of water on the stamp it has to get smudge.

Please see the snapshot in the top right on how they will identify  it is wet ink or not. Qatar Customs will not accept any  Certificate of Origin which has done on the following: Digital stamp / Digital format / stamp which is generated by the stamp machine / Digital Signature.

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