Focusing on Enforcement

Article Date: 09 June 2012

The BIS (Department for Business, Innovation & Skills) have recently launched a campaign to help them identify where enforcement can be improved, reduced or done differently and where you think it works well.

Badly thought out regulations cost businesses time and money: they aim to tackle this through the Red Tape Challenge. But sometimes the regulation itself is fine – it is inconsistent or inappropriate enforcement that causes problems or could just be so much better.

They want you to tell them about your experiences of how regulatory enforcement operates and how it could be improved or best practice shared. Your experience might include things like dealing with paperwork, inspections or the advice you receive from regulators.  They’ll be focusing on, and reviewing, a number of areas: the first of these areas in ‘Focus’ is Small Businesses in Food Manufacturing.

You can also share your ideas for future reviews – tell them about areas of enforcement you would like them to scrutinise in a future review and why. They will also use their site to provide you with information at-a-glance on national and local regulators.

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