Chinese Purchasing Delegation: Matchmaking Meeting on 19th April 2012

Article Date: 16 April 2012

The Chinese Purchasing Delegation, composed of 65 persons from 31 Guangdong-based companies and trade promotion agencies, would like to seek and talk with relevant exporters or manufacturers face to face.

The event, held on Thursday 19th April 2012 will be targeting organisations manufacturing the following: CNC machining center’s, Roboter device’s and system’s apparatus, Hardware manufacturing equipment, Servo Motor’s, Extrusion equipment, Surface treatment equipment, Rubber sulfuration equipment, Jig Grinder’s, Metal processing equipment, Synthetic fiber machinery, Textile machinery, Crushing equipment, Cross flow filters, Wine filling lines, Printing equipment, Network and communication equipment, Environmental protection equipment, New energy equipment, Construction machinery, Train and signal components etc.

For a company list and buying items please get in touch with the International Trade Team:

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