International Business Student Scheme

Article Date: 15 April 2012

The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce has recently been notified of overseas opportunities for international postgraduate students offering local and international businesses the chance to work with enthusiastic, well-qualified and dedicated individuals.

Taking on an international postgraduate student can be a highly beneficial experience both for your business as well as the student. Not only does this help international students gain valuable experience, it gives an employer the chance to work with International post-graduates that are highly-motivated, hand-picked and resourceful.

Whilst being well-educated and mobile, these post-graduates are ideal for both temporary and short-term projects. They bring fresh ideas to the workplace, boost the cultural awareness of staff and can even develop new business opportunities overseas. These schemes run for a minimum of eight weeks and may be voluntary or paid, giving your business peace of mind to know that your project will be carried out effectively.

If you are interested please register your interests by contacting:

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