2012 Export Documentation Price Increase

Article Date: 08 December 2011

As from 1st January 2012 EC Certificates of Origin, EUR1, EUR-MED and ATR certificates and commercial invoices will be charged at the following rates:

Members: £22.50 plus VAT per document (including administration and postage costs)

(£45.00 less 50% member discount)

Non-members: £45.00 plus VAT per document (including administration and postage costs)

Counter Service

The counter service hours of 1000 to 1200 and 1400 to 1600 will be a call-in fee of £11 (plus VAT) for members and £22 (plus VAT) for non-members.

Web Page

All prices, information and country guides are detailed within our comprehensive export documentation web site at click here for a direct link.

Electronic Documentation
We offer the e-z Cert facility for exporters, at no extra cost, to produce and submit all export documents on-line, which is convenient, reduces precious time for export staff and saves the cost of the call-in/counter fee for same day certification.
Documents which can be certified online include:
  • EC Certificate of Origin
  • Arab Certificate of Origin
  • EUR1
  • A.TR
  • Export Invoice 
You can also use e-z Cert to have other original documents certified, such as Inspection Certificates and Health Certificates.  Professional SITPRO commercial invoices for all your exports can be produced securely using the system. For companies requiring DGN or IATA documents there is a FREE interface which can produce pre-printed or blank documents.
If you feel you or your company can benefit – please call 01254 356400 and ask for Marie White or Stef Heywood

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